Hospital patients

Instructions on how to prepare a referral letter for hospital patients and information about the related sampling, logistics and results can be found HERE. The laboratory referral letter can be found HERE.

About scheduled treatments

Samples before or after a scheduled treatment or surgery can be taken by a healthcare provider or by a paid COVID-19 testing provider.

Instructions on how to prepare a referral letter, take a sample and receive results can be found HERE.

Information on paid testing service providers can be found here.

Testing of healthcare professionals

According to the instructions issued by the Health Board, frontline staff from healthcare institutions can be referred for testing by their family doctor. Testing in nursing homes and social institutions is ordered by the Health Board.

The study on the prevalence of the coronavirus in Estonia 

Medicum, SYNLAB, Qvalitas Medical Centre, Kuressaare Hospital and Hiiumaa Hospital with their own testing points are partners to the study on the prevalence of the coronavirus in Estonia. SYNLAB and Medicum assist with home testing. Logistics and laboratory services are provided by SYNLAB Estonia.
More information about the study conducted by the University of Tartu is available HERE.