Although the vast majority of samples are taken by a public testing organisation, medical centres also have the option to take samples, if necessary.

TAKING A SAMPLE FROM nasopharyngeal sampling

In this case, a doctor will prepare a referral letter under the SYNLAB lab order list: Nakkushaiguste uuringud (PCR)> SARS koroonaviirus 2 RNA. The barcode has to be added to the order. After that click “Save” and “Send”. The sample must be marked with the barcode. In the absence of electronic ordering, it is possible to prepare a paper referral letter and mark the sample with the patient’s first and last name.

  • Sampling instructions for nasopharyngeal sampling can be found HERE.
  • The form of the paper referral letter for the nasopharyngeal sampling (SARS-CoV-2 RNA) can be found HERE.
  • Sampling equipment and barcodes can be ordered HERE.


The family doctor completes a referral letter in their program from the SYNLAB lab order list: Analysis of infectious agents (PCR) > SARS coronavirus 2 RNA. The doctor inserts the barcode to the order, writes “Pharyngeal washings” into the “Notes” box next to the barcode, then clicks “Save” and “Send”.

The instructions for collecting the sample can be found HERE and they are added to the corresponding kit. NB! Each sample must be collected under the supervision of a medical professional!

The kit for collecting pharyngeal washings can be found on the website under “Order kits“ with the title: Sample collection kit for coronavirus detection from pharyngeal washings.

This kit is available for ordering only for family doctors who collect coronavirus samples from children as part of the public testing program. The kit includes one dose (10 ml) of physiological saline solution (0.9% NaCl), a cup for collecting the sample and a vacuum collection tube.


Sampling logistics to the SYNLAB’s molecular biology laboratory in Tallinn is organised by SYNLAB. It is also possible to bring samples to any SYNLAB testing point during their opening hours or to the SYNLAB Tallinn laboratory at Veerenni 53a around the clock by calling the emergency number in advance during non-working hours (please contact SYNLAB’s account manager for the number).

The laboratory will send the results within 1–2 days to the health information system ( and the family doctor program (in case of electronic ordering).