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Preparing a referral letter

The family doctor prepares the referral letter via the family doctor program under the “Riik Covid-19” section of the lab. The list contains only one analysis of “SARS koroonaviirus 2 RNA”, which can be added to the order by double-clicking. Please do not insert the barcode, but instead click “Save” and “Send” directly. We also ask you to check with the patient that each referral letter has the patient’s correct phone number. It is not possible to submit an order by phone or based on a paper referral letter.

Public testing is financed by the Republic of Estonia; the cost of the analysis with a referral letter will be covered by the Health Board.

Booking an appointment

After the referral letter is received by the testing system, a text message is sent to the phone number indicated on the referral letter, with a link to the e-reception system. Only adults (i.e. persons at least 18 years old) will receive the message. The patient can also register for an appointment online HERE (link to the e-reception). The patient needs to verify their identity in the e-reception environment by using an ID card or Mobile ID (identification with a Smart ID is not available). The service is voluntary and enables people to book their appointment for testing quickly without having to wait for a call from the testing centre.

Those who do not want to use the e-reception service or who fail to receive the text message due to technical reasons will receive a phone call from the testing centre within 1 day of the receipt of the referral letter, according to the waiting list, from Monday to Saturday. Please note that the patient should be reachable by phone; otherwise, the testing call centre will not be able to get in touch them to agree on the time and place for sample taking. For referral testers SARS coronavirus 2 RNA sample is taken from the nasopharynx.


The results will be sent to the health information system (digilugu.ee) and the family doctor program within 24-48 hours.

Health Board inspectors call all people who have received a positive test result to explain the need for self-isolation and to request data to identify their close contacts.

Those who cannot or do not know how to access digilugu.ee environment, can also contact their family health centre about their results. More information about the ordered analyses is available HERE (in estonian).

This page contains information about coronavirus testing; more information and news about coronavirus can be found on the Health Board website.