Testing employees for SARS-CoV-2 helps to make a decision on whether an employee can return to work or whether they need an additional period of self-isolation to protect others.

There are two types of coronavirus tests currently available:

  1. Detection of active coronavirus infection by PCR method
  2. Detection of coronavirus antibodies

It is crucial that only those employees who have tested negative for the first type, the active coronavirus infection, are allowed to come to work.

There are three options for taking the above-mentioned test:

  1. Based on their family doctor’s referral letter
  2. After 7 days from the person’s arrival to Estonia – taking the first test on arrival at Tallinn Airport or at the port or by pre-booking the first test when arriving by land. The second test will be scheduled by the testing call centre. In that case, only after the second negative result can the person return to work upon agreement with their employer. This procedure helps shorten the current 10-day restriction on the freedom of movement to seven days. More detailed information can be found HERE.
  3. Paid testing – several private healthcare companies offer paid testing either in their specially fitted offices or by coming to the work place (this option is mostly reserved for companies with a minimum of 10 employees). More information is available on the websites of these service providers:
    1. SYNLAB Eesti
    2. Medicum Tervishoiuteenused
    3. Qvalitas Medical Centre
    4. Confido Private Medical Clinic
    5. Corrigo Health Centre
    6. HeBA clinic

Test results for Estonian residents will be accessible on digilugu.ee within 24-48 hours from testing. Upon the consent for the transfer of personal data, it is also possible to forward the results to the employer in an encrypted form.

Most of the service providers will also issue test results in English upon request.