It is possible to order a certificate for your coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 test result – this is confirmation of the result from the laboratory. The certificate comes in three languages – Estonian, Russian and English.


In case of a negative result, the certificate is appropriate for a border crossing, presenting to an employer or in insurance cases. In the event of a positive result, a certificate is not issued.

Upon crossing a border, it is critically important to know that upon entry into a country, the majority of countries accept certificates confirming the negative result. Travellers are advised to plan the time of giving their sample according to the requirements of the country of destination and exact landing time.

Information about which country allows entry upon which conditions is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of each respective country.

Information about travelling to Estonia is gathered and updated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its website.


The following data is required for issuing a certificate:

  • First and last names of the person giving the sample
  • Date of birth
  • Identity document number
  • Country of residence

The laboratory adds the date of collecting the sample, material analysed, method used for laboratory analysis and the result.

The new application TESTI generates it free of charge. You can download the application HERE. If certificate must be on paper form, this is a paid service, costing 7-10 euros, depending on the service provider.

The public testing partners (logos on the main page) have agreed on a common certificate format, which is coordinated with the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Health Board and Estonian Society of Family Doctors.


This depends on how you gave your coronavirus sample. The following options are available:

1.With a referral letter or in the framework of surveillance or cross-border testing

Certificates are issued by the SYNLAB Eesti laboratory at the following locations and times (requires your physical presence and a fee of €7 for completing the certificate):

o In Tallinn, Veerenni 53a, 6th floor (Mon-Fri 7.30-16.00)
o In Tartu, Teguri 37b, 1st floor (Mon-Fri 8.00-12.00)
o In Jõhvi, Jaama 34 1st floor, room 15 (Mon-Fri 9.00-12.00)
o In Narva, Kangelaste prospekt 2 (E-R 8-12)

2. In case of paid testing

Certificates are issued by the paid service provider who took the sample.

  • Those who gave a sample as a paid service at SYNLAB and received a negative result can order the certificate through the customer portal, where they can download and print it out. Another option is to order the certificate, go to any location listed above and ask them to issue it on paper. It is also possible to add a stamp.
  • If the sample is given at Medicum, the person is expected to express their wish to receive a certificate upon registering for testing. The certificate can be collected after 24 hours from the Medicum registration desk or received by encrypted email.

In case of non-residents, the certificate is either issued by email or can be collected on site.

3. From the mobile application TESTI

After you have completed your coronavirus test, either with a referral letter from your family doctor, as part of surveillance, after crossing the border or as a paid service at SYNLAB, you can download the TESTI mobile app and generate the certificate yourself.