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For patients

Go or stay home as soon as you experience symptoms of upper respiratory diseases (cough, sore throat, temperature over 38°C, difficulty breathing) as you may be potentially infectious.
Call your family doctor. Emergency clinics set up during an emergency situation help patients when their family doctor is not working. The family doctor or emergency clinic physician assesses whether the testing is indicated for you and provides health advice according to the recommendations created by the Health Board and the Estonian Society of Family Doctors.
If your family doctor decides that testing is necessary, he or she will send an electronic referral letter to the testing call centre set up by SYNLAB and Medicum. They will call you within one day to agree on a time and place for the testing. Please wait for the call!
NB! When communicating with your family doctor, make sure you have your correct phone number on the referral letter, or the testing call centre will not be able to reach you.